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2023 Chicago Cubs TV Schedule

Stream live and watch Chicago Cubs game on TV today. What channel & time is the Chicago Cubs game on TV today and tonight? The Cubs games are broadcast on MARQ, ESPN, TBS, FOX, FS1, MLB Network, Peacock and Apple TV+.

Cubs Projected Record:84-78

Cubs Projected NL Central Standings:3rd

What are the best Cubs games to watch on TV this season?

The best Cubs games to watch on TV this season are against Milwaukee, LA Dodgers, Chi. White Sox, and St. Louis.

2023 Chicago Cubs TV Schedule
Fri, 6/2 at San Diego  9:40pm MARQ
Bally Sports
Sat, 6/3 at San Diego  10:10pm MARQ
Bally Sports
Sun, 6/4 at San Diego  4:10pm MARQ
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Mon, 6/5 at San Diego  9:40pm MLBN
Bally Sports
Tue, 6/6 at LA Angels  9:38pm MLBN
Bally Sports
Wed, 6/7 at LA Angels  9:38pm MLBN
Bally Sports
Thu, 6/8 at LA Angels  9:38pm MLBN
Bally Sports
Fri, 6/9 at San Francisco  10:15pm MARQ
Sat, 6/10 at San Francisco  7:35pm MARQ
Sun, 6/11 at San Francisco  4:05pm MARQ
Tue, 6/13 Pittsburgh  8:05pm MARQ
Wed, 6/14 Pittsburgh  8:05pm MARQ
Thu, 6/15 Pittsburgh  8:05pm MARQ
Fri, 6/16 Baltimore  2:20pm MARQ
Sat, 6/17 Baltimore  2:20pm MARQ
Sun, 6/18 Baltimore  1:05pm Peacock
Mon, 6/19 at Pittsburgh  7:05pm MARQ
Tue, 6/20 at Pittsburgh  7:05pm MARQ
Wed, 6/21 at Pittsburgh  12:35pm MARQ
Sat, 6/24 St. Louis  1:10pm MARQ
Sun, 6/25 St. Louis  10:10am MARQ
Tue, 6/27 Philadelphia  8:05pm MARQ
Wed, 6/28 Philadelphia  8:05pm MARQ
Thu, 6/29 Philadelphia  8:05pm MARQ
Fri, 6/30 Cleveland  2:20pm MARQ
Sat, 7/1 Cleveland  7:15pm MARQ
Sun, 7/2 Cleveland  2:20pm MARQ
Mon, 7/3 at Milwaukee  2:10pm MARQ
Tue, 7/4 at Milwaukee  4:10pm MARQ
Wed, 7/5 at Milwaukee  8:10pm MARQ
Thu, 7/6 at Milwaukee  2:10pm MARQ
Fri, 7/7 at NY Yankees  7:05pm MARQ
Sat, 7/8 at NY Yankees  1:05pm MARQ
Sun, 7/9 at NY Yankees  1:35pm MARQ
Fri, 7/14 Boston  8:05pm MARQ
Sat, 7/15 Boston  2:20pm MARQ
Sun, 7/16 Boston  2:20pm MARQ
Mon, 7/17 Washington  8:05pm MARQ
Tue, 7/18 Washington  8:05pm MARQ
Wed, 7/19 Washington  8:05pm MARQ
Thu, 7/20 St. Louis  8:05pm MARQ
Fri, 7/21 St. Louis  2:20pm MARQ
Sat, 7/22 St. Louis  2:20pm MARQ
Sun, 7/23 St. Louis  2:20pm MARQ
Tue, 7/25 at Chi. White Sox  8:10pm MARQ
Wed, 7/26 at Chi. White Sox  8:10pm MARQ
Thu, 7/27 at St. Louis  7:45pm MARQ
Fri, 7/28 at St. Louis  8:15pm MARQ
Sat, 7/29 at St. Louis  7:15pm MARQ
Sun, 7/30 at St. Louis  2:15pm MARQ
Mon, 7/31 Cincinnati  8:05pm MARQ
Tue, 8/1 Cincinnati  8:05pm MARQ
Wed, 8/2 Cincinnati  8:05pm MARQ
Thu, 8/3 Cincinnati  8:05pm MARQ
Fri, 8/4 Atlanta  2:20pm MARQ
Sat, 8/5 Atlanta  2:20pm MARQ
Sun, 8/6 Atlanta  2:20pm MARQ
Mon, 8/7 at NY Mets  7:10pm MARQ
Tue, 8/8 at NY Mets  7:10pm MARQ
Wed, 8/9 at NY Mets  7:10pm MARQ
Fri, 8/11 at Toronto  7:07pm MARQ
Sat, 8/12 at Toronto  3:07pm MARQ
Sun, 8/13 at Toronto  1:37pm MARQ
Tue, 8/15 Chi. White Sox  8:05pm MARQ
Wed, 8/16 Chi. White Sox  8:05pm MARQ
Fri, 8/18 Kansas City  2:20pm MARQ
Sat, 8/19 Kansas City  2:20pm MARQ
Sun, 8/20 Kansas City  2:20pm MARQ
Mon, 8/21 at Detroit  7:10pm MARQ
Tue, 8/22 at Detroit  7:10pm MARQ
Wed, 8/23 at Detroit  1:10pm MARQ
Thu, 8/24 at Pittsburgh  7:05pm MARQ
Fri, 8/25 at Pittsburgh  7:05pm MARQ
Sat, 8/26 at Pittsburgh  7:15pm MARQ
Sun, 8/27 at Pittsburgh  1:35pm MARQ
Mon, 8/28 Milwaukee  8:05pm MARQ
Tue, 8/29 Milwaukee  8:05pm MARQ
Wed, 8/30 Milwaukee  2:20pm MARQ
Fri, 9/1 at Cincinnati  8:10pm MARQ
Sat, 9/2 at Cincinnati  6:40pm MARQ
Sun, 9/3 at Cincinnati  12:10pm MARQ
Mon, 9/4 San Francisco  2:20pm MARQ
Tue, 9/5 San Francisco  7:40pm MARQ
Wed, 9/6 San Francisco  2:20pm MARQ
Thu, 9/7 Arizona  7:40pm MARQ
Fri, 9/8 Arizona  2:20pm MARQ
Sat, 9/9 Arizona  2:20pm MARQ
Sun, 9/10 Arizona  2:20pm MARQ
Mon, 9/11 at Colorado  8:40pm MARQ
Tue, 9/12 at Colorado  8:40pm MARQ
Wed, 9/13 at Colorado  3:10pm MARQ
Fri, 9/15 at Arizona  9:40pm MARQ
Sat, 9/16 at Arizona  8:10pm MARQ
Sun, 9/17 at Arizona  4:10pm MARQ
Tue, 9/19 Pittsburgh  7:40pm MARQ
Wed, 9/20 Pittsburgh  7:40pm MARQ
Thu, 9/21 Pittsburgh  7:40pm MARQ
Fri, 9/22 Colorado  2:20pm MARQ
Sat, 9/23 Colorado  2:20pm MARQ
Sun, 9/24 Colorado  2:20pm MARQ
Tue, 9/26 at Atlanta  7:20pm MARQ
Wed, 9/27 at Atlanta  7:20pm MARQ
Thu, 9/28 at Atlanta  7:20pm MARQ
Fri, 9/29 at Milwaukee  8:10pm MARQ
Sat, 9/30 at Milwaukee  7:10pm MARQ
Sun, 10/1 at Milwaukee  3:10pm MARQ