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2025-2026 NHL Schedule - When does the NHL Season Start?

NHL Regular Season Hockey Schedule 2025-2026

2025-2026 NHL regular season hockey schedule with full tv listings for all 32 NHL teams

What is the 2025-2026 NHL Schedule release date?

The 2025-2026 NHL hockey schedule release date is usually around July or August. The full finalized NHL TV schedule release date is in July or August.

When does the 2025-2026 NHL Schedule come out?

The 2025-2026 NHL hockey schedule is released around July or August with the full finalized NHL TV schedule.

When does the 2025-2026 NHL Regular Season Start?

The 2025-2026 NHL hockey regular season will tentatively start early or mid October and end mid April.

When does the 2026 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs start?

The 2026 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs will tentatively start mid April or early May.

When does the 2026 Stanley Cup Finals start?

The 2026 Stanley Cup Finals will tentatively start early June.