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2022-2023 Chicago Blackhawks TV Schedule

Chicago Blackhawks TV Schedule 2023. What channel & time is the Chicago Blackhawks game on TV today and tonight? The Blackhawks games are broadcast on NBC Sports Chicago, ABC, ESPN, TNT, TBS, Hulu and NHL Network.

Blackhawks Projected Points: 82pts

Blackhawks Projected Central Division Standings: 7th

What are the best Blackhawks games to watch on TV this season?

The best Blackhawks games to watch on TV this season are against Detroit, Minnesota, Ny Islanders, Montreal and Boston.

2022-23 Chicago Blackhawks TV Schedule
Date Game Time ET TV
Wed, 10/12 at Colorado 9:30pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 10/13 at Vegas 10:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 10/15 at San Jose  10:30pm NBCS-CHI
Fri, 10/21 Detroit 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Sun, 10/23 Seattle 2:00pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 10/25 Florida 8:00pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 10/27 Edmonton 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 10/29 at Buffalo 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sun, 10/30 Minnesota  7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 11/1 NY Islanders 8:00pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 11/3 Los Angeles 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 11/5 at Winnipeg 3:00pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 11/10 at Los Angeles 10:30pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 11/12 at Anaheim 10:00pm NBCS-CHI
Mon, 11/14 Carolina 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Wed, 11/16 St. Louis 7:30pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 11/19 at Boston 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sun, 11/20 Pittsburgh 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Wed, 11/23 at Dallas 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Fri, 11/25 Montreal 2:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sun, 11/27 Winnipeg 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Wed, 11/30 Edmonton 9:30pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 12/3 at NY Rangers 7:30pm NBCS-CHI
Sun, 12/4 at NY Islanders 7:30pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 12/6 at New Jersey 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Fri, 12/9 Winnipeg 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 12/13 Washington 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 12/15 Vegas 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Fri, 12/16 at Minnesota  8:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sun, 12/18 NY Rangers 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Wed, 12/21 Nashville 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Fri, 12/23 Columbus 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 12/27 at Carolina 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 12/29 at St. Louis 8:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 12/31 at Columbus 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sun, 1/1 San Jose  7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 1/3 Tampa Bay 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Fri, 1/6 Arizona 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Sun, 1/8 Calgary 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 1/12 Colorado 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 1/14 Seattle 8:00pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 1/17 Buffalo 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 1/19 at Philadelphia 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 1/21 at St. Louis 8:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sun, 1/22 Los Angeles 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 1/24 at Vancouver  10:00pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 1/26 at Calgary 9:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 1/28 at Edmonton 10:00pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 2/7 Anaheim 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Fri, 2/10 Arizona 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 2/11 at Winnipeg 10:00pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 2/14 at Montreal 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Wed, 2/15 at Toronto 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Fri, 2/17 at Ottawa 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sun, 2/19 Toronto 6:00pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 2/21 Vegas 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Wed, 2/22 at Dallas 7:30pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 2/25 at San Jose  10:30pm NBCS-CHI
Mon, 2/27 at Anaheim 10:00pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 2/28 at Arizona 9:00pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 3/2 Dallas 9:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 3/4 Nashville 8:00pm NBCS-CHI
Mon, 3/6 Ottawa 9:00pm NBCS-CHI
Wed, 3/8 at Detroit 7:30pm NBCS-CHI
Fri, 3/10 at Florida 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 3/11 at Tampa Bay 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 3/14 Boston 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 3/16 at Nashville 8:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 3/18 at Arizona 10:30pm NBCS-CHI
Mon, 3/20 at Colorado 9:00pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 3/23 at Washington 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 3/25 at Minnesota  5:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sun, 3/26 Vancouver  6:00pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 3/28 Dallas 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 3/30 St. Louis 8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 4/1 New Jersey 8:00pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 4/4 at Calgary 9:00pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 4/6 at Vancouver  10:00pm NBCS-CHI
Sat, 4/8 at Seattle 10:00pm NBCS-CHI
Mon, 4/10 Minnesota  8:30pm NBCS-CHI
Tue, 4/11 at Pittsburgh 7:00pm NBCS-CHI
Thu, 4/13 Philadelphia 8:30pm NBCS-CHI